Our Story

Step into The Cheese Lady St Joe, a culinary haven in the heart of St Joseph, where our passion for fine cheese and community comes together in a delightful experience.

Deb Sailor

Deb Sailor

Owner, The Cheese Lady - St. Joe

Welcome to The Cheese Lady St Joe: A Journey of Flavor and Community

Welcome to The Cheese Lady St Joe! We are located at The Market, 301 Main St, in beautiful downtown St Joseph, Michigan. The Market is a 9,000 square foot indoor market that has been a labor of love involving my whole family and we are thrilled to welcome you. We share a roof with Community Tap St Joe, Infusco Coffee, The Tea Annex and Spice Merchant, Dad’s Farm & Cafe, Wild Ginger Florist and Gifts, The Wine Shoppe…… It’s a food lovers paradise and The Cheese Lady is the perfect anchor for this beautiful space.

My husband and I stumbled into The Cheese Lady in Traverse City while enjoying an autumn weekend with friends wine tasting. We were semi-retired after selling 2 fast food restaurants, and I was firmly-very firmly-opposed to ever owning or operating another food related business. After 15 minutes in Tina’s store, I was sold. I loved everything about the place, and after contacting Kathleen & John, I was all in! Their commitment to the finest cheese, outstanding customer service, and a fundamental appreciation for being good community members makes The Cheese Lady a dream to be a part of. I am humbled and honored to have been welcomed into The Cheese Lady Sisterhood.